About Us

We are CoolIslamicProducts (est Feb 2019) which is a free online magazine run by a bunch of average muslims who want to share with the world some of the cool, interesting and amazing products islam has inspired muslim to produce. We will also include some interesting and practical general products that you may like as well.

We made a decisions to make the site simple as we could, our reviews are short, to the point and straight forward. The main reason we decide to do this was to avoid getting involve in jurisprudence as inevitably this is what will happen, given some of the products we have on our website.

We do encourage from our network for kids, elders, those with learning difficulties and non-muslim to add a review for some of our products.

Some of the items on this site do return a commission for product referral, however this is not the only motivation we list products. We do not stock any products nor do we direct sell anything.

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