ALI EXPRESS – Islamic Products

Ali Express is the largest market place in the world, bigger than Ebay and Amazon, in terms of parcels they deliver. They have a huge array of Islamic Products that you can buy, from clothing, home decor and other essentials. It mainly has Chinese made goods directly from the manufacturers which cuts out the costs of agents / ‘middlemen. Why it is so good are because you can buy items at a big discount than you can at your local markets – companies and individuals buy from Chinese manufacturers and sell them at huge mark ups.

Ali Express list men, woman and children Islamic clothing and huge array of home decor. Most would costs five to ten times as much in your local markets.

What to Watch Out For:

  1. watch out for delivery costs, many of the sellers offer free delivery so the price you pay is inclusive of the delivery
  2. delivery times can take weeks rather than days, if you want the item quickly it will not arrive on time, typically can take six weeks for delivery.
  3. watch out for customs and tax – your home countries may impose custom taxes on certain goods do check before purchasing, usually item which are relatively low in price you wont need to pay anything.


  1. Avoid cosmetics as they may not meet the standards of your local market and item may not be suitable for you
  2. Don’t buy expensive electronic items as it may have high custom tax, may not be able to return it if faulty and warranty may be an issue.
  3. Check the feedback score of the seller and make sure they are establish, having a score in the 90% is a sound indication the sellers is reputable.
  4. Don’t assume photo you see is the item you will get, do further checks and don’t be afraid to contact the seller.
  5. Beware of fake goods, there are sellers who are genuine and authorized resellers of designers goods but you need to extra careful before purchasing.

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