Hijamah / Cupping For Curing Yourself From Sihr Ayn or Jinn Possession

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

If you have not done so you should first read our article on How To Cure Yourself Of Black Magic, Evil Eye, Jinn Possession, this page is focused on additional Tips and Tools you can use to destroy the effects of the unseen.

We are firm believers that Hijamah / Cupping is a divine remedy given to us by Allah (swt) to cure us of all kind of ailments, including spiritual sickness. In this small article, I am going to discuss with you the way cupping can be used by everyone for a spiritual illness like jinn possession, black magic and person suffering from evil whispers (waswaas).

Before doing cupping of any sort you need to make sure you have repented from all sins and have a sound heart – with any divine remedy you get out of it what you go with it. A corrupt heart and mind will get more corrupt whilst a person making a sincere effort to purify themselves will gain immensely.

With cupping anyone can do it, you just need to purchase a cupping set, we recommend for home use a air pump set rather than fire cupping as the latter can get bit messy and unsafe, leave that for the professional/certified cuppers. I have had the following pump cupping set for many years and has worked very well for our family. You can buy them on Amazon, Ebay or AliExpress.

There are two main types of cupping for the novice, dry cupping which is basically placing the cup into an area of the body and pumping the air out so a vacuum is created. Advantage of these are well documented and used by famous politician, actors and even Olympians (just do a search and you can see it). If you do dry cupping rub recited olive oil before and after around the area you are and have cupped.

The second type of cupping is wet cupping, where you actually draw out blood from the body and by making a small incision. When you do this all the impurities are drawn out from the body.

In terms of the subject we discussing here, wet cupping is the most powerful tool that we have at killing / disabling / weaken jinns that are inside our body, there is no doubt that wet cupping is a must for those who are possessed and being afflicted by unseen. What wet cupping does is it draws the jinns to the surface of the skin and when you are doing the cuts this is killing the jinns or it injury’s them so severely they either leave or slowly die. Stronger jinns will need to have cupping done a few times before they are disabled.

How to use wet cupping to destroys jinns that are afflicting harm to our body: Like always make sure you are ready for this in terms of having a purified heart – if you are corrupt and do this you will just cause further harm to yourselves – I can not emphasise enough how important it is not being corrupt.

There are a number of places where jinns like to settle in your bodies. 1) the heart – they can send extreme evil whispers from this location (waswaas). They work hard to make your heart corrupt – strengthen your faith, the weaker the jinns become. 2) the head and back around the brain, they will try and influence your mind – all our thoughts do not cause the sin but the actual act itself, so avoid acting on these whispers.

3) The legs as mentioned in our main article on curing yourself of jinns possession, black magic and evil eye, this is where the main jinn will likely hide, so legs are an important place to do cupping.

If you hit the right spot with wet cupping it actually releases all the sources of the negative harm that are in the body.

I suggest when you do cupping for the first time at home to get it done on the sunnah / Khalil point which is just below the neck in between your shoulders.

Firstly, make INTENTION: what exactly are you doing the cupping for. So if you are doing cupping to remove the Sihr / Ayn / Jinns from the body make this intention. Ideally, make the intention as wide as possible: Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum remove the sihr, ayn, jinns which are harming me, so I can worship you properly. Ya Allah remove the Wasawas from my heart/body and destroy the jinns who are harming me. These are a couple of examples of the intention you need to do.

To do the cupping you will need someone to help you do this, place the cup on the Khalil point and pump the cup, leave it there for good 5 minutes, which is enough time to draw the blood/impurities to the surface of the skin, you will see the colour in the area change to purple / dark red. Remove the cup, it time to do the cuts.

When you doing the cuts the easiest method for doing this at home is with lancets:

This method is so simple and very safe to use at home, just remove the safety cap and just make several pricks on the area. For beginners 7 is a good number but once you become more confident you can move to 21 times or more. Each prick will be attacking any jinns that are in the body, we have seen the jinns cry of pain and agony.

Professional hijamist / cuppers will use a surgical blade and is a lot more potent, they slice the jinns up, here we are just showing you how to do cupping at home with a technique that is easy, safe and straightforward.

These possessing jinns we reckon live just below the surface of the skin and seem to move around there, this is why wet cupping is so effective.

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TIP: when making the cuts recite Surah Falaq / Nas with the intention of destroying the jinn / sihr / ayn, the jinn themselves are the ones which carry this, we need to ask Allah (swt) for assistance.

Now put the cup back on and pump to create the vacuum, make sure it is firmly on and leave it on for a longer period, minimum will be five minutes but can be up to 45 minutes if you have done cupping before.

When removing the cups, be careful not to make a mess, you should ask someone to help you if cupping is done on hard to reach places like the back. You will need plenty of tissues, wipes and anything else to wipe the blood. You can repeat the process a few times, don’t over do it. Be sure to dispose of the lancets, the blood and wash the cups thoroughly.

TIP: A good practice is to use recited olive oil, first to rub over the area where cupping is going to be done and once you have finished doing cupping on the area rub more recited olive oil over the area – I find this a very effective method.

Using this method you are not drawing a huge amount of blood but is useful in weakening and destroying the jinns. You should aim to get proper cupping done by a professional/certified hijamist on a regular basis.

If you know where the jinns are hiding that have come to harm you because of sihr / black magic / evil eye / ayn then do those places. For Example, I know of someone who located the lead sihr / ayn Jinn on their left leg calf area and was doing cupping on this area to weaken the jinn on a regular basis, along with the daily amals that need to be done.

The above is an easy method of doing cupping for those who are afflicted by the unseen, Insh’Allah it assists you with finding a cure for your ailment. You can check out videos on Youtube on doing Hijamah with Lancet Pen.

Once you have done cupping a few times and feel within yourself you are capable of doing intensive sessions then you should do the following with a certified hijamist which you will find will make a huge difference.

  1. Get the BACK done and at same time have a good size cup on the neck (close to the head as possible) and shoulders, so you have around a 8 to 9 cups. You should do the back reguarly especially the sunnah points.
  2. Get the LEGS done, here you will want to have cups place on the top of the thigh, middle of the thigh and bottom of the thigh. Further cups on the top of the calf, middle of the calf and botton of the calf. All together 12 cups on two legs – this you will find will be very effective and will remove Insh’Allah lot of the negative sources. If you will find 12 cups to much then do 8 cups and then next visit further 4 on the legs and 4 on the back.
  3. The CHEST which will include the left and right breast, the middle of the chest and the shoulders – 5 to 6 cups should be used.
  4. The STOMACH with cups on the belly button, around the belly button and the side of the stomach – 5 to 6 cups must be used.
  5. The HEAD if you can, I know it will be difficult for women. You must place cups on top of the head, front of the head and the back of the head, also on the sides of the head – so you looking at five good size cups. If this is too much for you then one on top of the head, back of the head if you feel pain there, on the neck and on the sunnah point.

If you manage to get the first four of the above done over a period of two to three months you will notice a massive difference both in terms of any spiritual illnesses but also physical ailments as well.

If you are unable to do wet cupping due to underlying health issues, age or other reasons then try acupuncture which is less intensive.

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If you do have other underlying health issues seek advice on hijamah / cupping from a medical professional before doing it yourself.

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