How To Cure Yourself From Black Magic, Evil Eye, Jinn Possession

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

In the name of Allah The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful”. Praise be to Allah. We praise and seek his help and forgiveness. We turn to the Almighty in repentance. We seek Allah’s protection from the evils of our souls and our bad deeds. I testify that there is no god but Allah.

When it comes to this topic majority of the websites provide general information which is good and well but will not necessarily cure everyone. I am going to provide information on how you can overcome black magic / sihr / witchcraft, evil eye / ayn / hasad and Jinn Possession (The Unseen) by providing particular and specific information, based on Quran Verses, Islamic Medicine and the reality of the situation. This will be a necessity for those who are been afflicted for many years, even decades and have not been able to fully cure themselves.

Today, the majority of sihr / witchcraft / black magic is strong and powerful because the evil sorcerers have access to the tools they need to cast their evil spells because there are dedicated websites and social media pages for them to go to.

My objective is to provide those who are afflicted by this unseen illness with the necessary knowledge, tools and know-how so you are equipped to overcome this deadly ailment.

I am going to try and make the article short and to the point, I do strongly urge the readers to read the article in full first before clicking on the links I have provided. I want the readers who may be struggling with this ailment for many years to able to get the information they need in an easy and straight forward manner with the most important first – I assume they will be already doing the daily amals, reciting the necessary verses, using Islamic / Prophet Medicine..etc, it is important you continue to do this.

Insh’Allah after reading this article and if you or your love ones who are afflicted by this evil ailment will be enlightened enough to take the necessary steps to begin overcoming this evil once and for all. You may find the information bit overwhelming or confusing but once you start to enact on the information you will understand it better.

FIRSTLY: Before you begin any treatment the first step is to make sure you and your family have sound tawheed (monotheism) and have good character, you get from the Quran what you go with it, so pure heart is important. Therefore, make sure you not involved in anything intentionally and even indirectly which will act as a barrier for the treatment to be effective, make sure your income is halal as well, any money / funds which you have that are from dubious sources will act as a barrier from you becoming cured. Finally, you must aim to become a sincere, honest, genuine and decent person – I assure you this makes a huge difference as per Quran verse: Chapter 68 verse 4 – Prophet (saw) is best of characters – these are big words for Muslims to emulate.

SMOKING: One important thing is if you smoke or use any form of Shisha you must stop this immediately, as jinns are attracted by smoke, their original food was smoke, by smoking you are providing them with energy and nutrition, so the treatment will not be effective.

BREAK THE LINK: This is where your treatment begins, when the sorcerer does their black magic / evil eye, they mark the intended victim with an invisible force, this creates a link between the targeted person and the unseen world. The sorcerer will probably have many victims so they may have many links, especially if the sorcerer is made up of many people – families practice these dark arts and pass them on from generation to generation – these connections grow and will create a web and networks.

So what you need to do is check if you connected to the sorcerer and their web, which is simply – to recite Surah Al Falaq, (which is the chapter which is most effective against the unseen), best to do this whilst sitting in salah position, blow hard in front of you and around your belly – is it WOW you got a reaction, if you did you are marked, you are connected to the sorcerers’ web, to an invisible force, there is a bridge/tunnel which the sorcerer / the jinns use to constantly attack you.

DO you or your loves ones, engage in lots of ruqyah / recite lots of Quran then begin to feel better but all of the sudden you back to square one, then it is because of this invisible force you are connected to, which if you got a reaction is a reality you have to deal with to overcome the evil that is harming you.

The way to break the link is simply to recite verses of the Quran, especially surah Al-Falaq with the intention of breaking this connection, this force that you are connected to and the web / network of jinns that is harming you. The intentions should be wide as possible so it encompasses the destruction of the Sihr (black magic), Ayn (evil eye / envy / hasad) and Jinn connection / web / networks.

The intention: should be along the lines off Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum – please destroy the link between me and the sorcerer, please destroy the web and network that is connected to me, whether it is sihr, ayn or jinn related – so I can begin worshipping you properly and correctly.

Important: the intention is very important as when you are reciting the verses of the Quran, you MUST specific what your intention is and outcome you want – in this case, we want to destroy the invisible force / the web / the connection / the network.

Ayatul Qurshi and the Quls are best verses to recite, to break the link, also verse 17:81, which we have written about here: Also the final four verses of Surah Al-Hashr are very effective, you can do this by reciting: X amount of times verse 21 followed by the final three.

Based on my limited knowledge and experience, my theory is this invisible force is connected to the victims via the belly button, it is like babies umbilical cord which provides nutrition, growth and energy to the unborn child, the sorcerers / jinns connection works in a similar way, by providing jinns with a bridge / tunnel into their world to energize and resource themselves.

When you recite the verses of the Quran to destroy this connection, make sure you blow hard in front of you and your stomach / belly (plus anywhere on your body you are getting a reaction) AND blow on your hands and wipe over your body, especially your legs – front and back (I explain the importance of the legs further below). If you are getting a reaction you should continue doing ruqyah until the connection / network / web is broken – then you will be able to break the sihr / black magic and/or ayn / evil eye.

You will know when you are no longer marked / the connection has been destroyed / the web/network is broken when you no longer get a reaction. Alhamdullila.

The learned on this subject have also accepted that the victim and the sorcerer become linked but what was not known is that these links were lot more sophisticated than one could have ever imagined. If you look at the world today everything directly or indirectly is part of a network, and this is exactly what happens when black magic / sihr / witchcraft is performed, they create little networks which become part of a larger web.

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Another issue I will highlight here is, if you are seeing people/things others can’t see or hearing things others can’t hear, then you should recite verses of the Quran like the final Quls (a few times) and blow in front of you very hard. This Insh’Allah will nullify whoever is trying to harm you in this way.

HIJAMAH / CUPPING: is the most effective Islamic / Prophet medicine against the unseen, there is no doubt about it that using wet cupping in the correct way will remove the sihr / black magic / ayn and destroy the jinns like nothing else. The cuts during wet cupping actually weaken the jinns and even kills them.

Some of these jinns will not leave your body, they rather die than leave – not sure why this is but they have made there minds up this is one reason why Hijamah is extremely important.

Firstly where to do the wet cupping: – cupping needs to be done on the back, chest, around the belly button, head and legs. If you are affected by the unseen and have jinns flowing in your body, you will feel them moving up and down your back and around your heads, it is a fact, so cupping needs to be done there. The chest area is important as they attack the heart, as Surah An-Nas tells us this is where the jinns attack us to give the evil whispers and in some cases the extreme paranoia (there is further information about Wasawas / evil whispers below).

Now the legs, if there is one part of the body which is totally neglected by those who practice ruqyah and /or hijamah it is the legs, yet it is the most important area to do wet cupping if you are afflicted by the Unseen. The reason is that this is more and likely where the issue lies – YES the jinns / ayn / black magic / sihr will be hiding there. WOW.

What we must appreciate and realize is black magic / ayn / jinn possession has been around for 1000’s of years and the sorcerers / jinns have develop skills and techniques to maximize the harm they cause us, they pass this knowledge on from generation to next. From the jinns point of view what a clever & intelligent place to hide. I will tell you how to locate the jinns further below.

I urge those who practice ruqyah and hijamah not to neglect the legs, if you hit the right area hijamah actually releases the black magic / sihr / ayn / evil eye from the body, like a pressure release value – the victim shortly will feel energy / heat leaving their body, this will be the sihr / ayn – permanently gone (you must first destroy the connection / web / network / invisible force). I describe this energy as negative energy as it affects the person detrimentally.

I will add a little example of this to show the importance, we know of a case where a person afflicted by the unseen was regularly doing wet cupping on his back and head. He was recommended to do cupping on his legs and agreed to this eventually. After getting cupping done on his legs, that night, he felt burning heat around his right foot, concentrated around the toe, he then felt energy heat leaving his body from his toe for a good few minutes, like boiling lava coming out of a volcano. Shortly later he felt a weaken jinn (s) leave him from his left foot.

He subsequently checks himself if he was still suffering from Sihr / Black Magic and Ayn / Hasad / Evil Eye, no reaction (previously he was getting strong reactions), all the unseen harm related to sihr / black magic, evil eye / hasad / ayn all gone by getting wet cupping done on his legs – SubhanAllah.

What happened in the above story is when it comes jinns and them performing black magic and evil eye they need this negative energy to do this. The legs are where they store this negative energy, this is why when you perform Ruqyah you feel heat leaving the body, also you will feel the jinns quickly moving from your head towards your lower right leg (usually), as they heading towards their energy source. It is this negative energy source they use to stay within a person body. A possessed person does feel the jinns moving around the body, what they may also feel is a energy ball around the legs which heats up when the jinns are strong in the body and then goes cold when the jinns weaken. So when cupping is done on the legs you are destroying the jinns energy source so they are unable to continue with their black magic or witchcraft, they have no choice but to leave.

When you look for a hijamist you should try and find somebody who does ruqyah and they may be able to assist you to find the place where the jinns are hiding, if they have the know-how. When we talk about ayn / evil / sihr / witchcraft and so on – the jinns are the ones who are carrying this, they have wrapped themselves in it – the jinn is the sihr and jinn is the ayn / evil eye.

I recommend to do wet cupping once a month but once the connection / network / web is no longer there, do intensive hijamah sessions (if you are strong enough) – one week does the back & shoulders, next week the legs (thigh & calf), followed by the chest and belly button (especially around the heart) and finally the head if possible. With this, you are targeting all parts of the body. You will find doing cupping like this will make a huge difference, Insh’Allah majority of the unseen harm will be nullified.

Again I urge when you are having Hijamah done to make an intention before and whilst cupping is being undertaken, if you not sure what intention to make then make this general one: Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum please destroy all the evil I feel and the evil which I fear so I can worship you properly.

I can not emphasize enough the importance of wet cupping, it is an extremely important thing to do on a regular basis to destroy all the evil in one’s body.

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What Exactly Are You Suffering From: This is very important to know, what exactly are you or your loved once inflicted with. Diagnosing why jinns are harming you is the most important thing to know as then you can treat yourself.

So how to diagnose yourself. The easiest way is to use Surah AL Falaq – like I said above it is the most important chapter of the Quran in this subject.

You want to diagnose yourself or a family member/friend if they are suffering from sihr (black magic), ayn (evil eye) and/or jinn possession. So place your right hand on forehead and make intention then recite surah Al Falaq:

  1. Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum – am I suffering from sihr / black magic – recite surah Al-Falaq, whilst you got your hands on your forehead – if you get a reaction this affirms that you are afflicted – if you are, you will get a reaction immediately, you will be lucky to finish the first verse of surah Al-Falaq (that is if your faith is strong).
  2. Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum – am I suffering from ayn / evil eye / Hasad – recite surah Al-Falaq – if you get a reaction this affirms that you are afflicted – if you are, you will get a reaction immediately, you will be lucky to finish the first verse of surah Al-Falaq.
  3. You would know if you are afflicted with jinns as you can feel them moving around your body but how many jinns are there: You should only do this once you have destroyed the connections / network / web you are linked to, otherwise there is no point in doing this: Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum – do I have more than one jinn inside – recite surah Al-Falaq, if you get a reaction you know there is more than one jinn in your body, you can continue changing your intention to do I have two jinns, three jinns and so on – you will get a reaction when you get to the number of jinns in your body (hope you follow this).
  4. Locating the Jinns: only do this once you have destroyed the connections / web / network you are linked to, there is no point in doing this otherwise. Place your hands where you think the jinn (s) are and make intention: Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum is the jinn located in this area, recite surah Al-Falaq if you get a reaction you know they are there. Check the legs, the calf, thigh and knee are the commonplace they hide, also the heart, back and head.
  5. The other issue you want to check is if you are afflicted by Wasawas / evil whispers jinns, you can do this by placing your hands on your heart and making intention: Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum am I suffering from wasawas / evil whisper / do I have jinn on my heart giving me wasawas / evil whispers – recite surah Al-Falaq & AN Nas – if you get a reaction you have a jinn sent to condition you, that is paranoia – again if you are afflicted by evil whispers you won’t be able to complete surah Al-Falaq let alone get to the next surah.

You can use this method to diagnose yourself for whatever unseen ailment you think you may be suffering from. You can also check if you are linked to the sorcerer and their network, if you are there will be a reaction. It is a very effective way to diagnose oneself and something which needs to widely shared.

MORE ABOUT JINNS: One thing that you as a victim would appreciate is all information Allah (swt) has given us in the Quran and in hadith is very accurate so we have the basis of understanding them. Amazing through Allah (swt) wisdom he has given us enough information to understand them but not so much information that we are unable to comprehend.

When it comes to jinns in our body’s who are acting on the instructions of the sorcerer, it would be good to know how they work. Based on my limited knowledge and in my humblest opinion I shall and try to elaborate on this, it is important as a victim to know what you are up against.

The sorcerer does what they do and sends a lead jinn or sihr / black magic jinn who organizes the sihr / ayn / black magic / evil eye – this jinn will recruit a jinn to enact sihr on you and maybe another to do the ayn, they themselves will recruit further jinns to do their work for them. You see this alone shows that more than one jinn will be in your body doing the harm. The lead jinn and the sihr, ayn jinns are likely to hide, usually in your legs whilst the other jinns begin their evil work.

There is another jinn which usually is attached to the evil work of the sorcerer, this is the one which does the wasawas – evil whispers, this jinn will settle around your heart, this is why it becomes important to get cupping done on the chest to neutralize the effects of this jinn.

Most often one jinn will have more than one job within the person body, like the following example I give:

  • Lead Jinn / Sihr Jinn – will organise the black magic but at the same time will also play the role of the hereditary jinn – this jinn will be the last jinn you will have to deal with to remove. Usually found around the lower leg area. With this Sihr Jinn even when the black magic and/or evil eye is neutralised it will try and recreate the spell.
  • Another jinn will enact the black magic and the evil eye – if this jinn are destroyed but another jinn will take its place if the sihr / ayn is not removed from the body, that is the energy source I mentioned above. This jinn will usualy be around the head, and back area.
  • Another jinn job will be to perform the evil whispers and feed the person bad thoughts and make them commit major sins. Usually located around the heart.

You can check if any of these jinns are in your body by diagnosing yourself using the method outline above.

The above is a basic understanding of how these Jinns operate, we only need to concentrate on only those aspects we need to know to remove the harm that they are causing.

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Now I will give information on treating yourself from these ailments, which most of you would know the general ways as given in various website but I will add the additional specific information you may not be aware of:

Ayn / Hasad / Evil Eye: Most people understanding of this area is incomplete, in my humblest of opinion. Most see Evil Eye / Ayn / Hasad as someone getting jealous of you and gives you the eye, which then translates into some misfortune if they do not say Mash’Allah. This is only one aspect of the evil eye / Ayn which is widely known.

The other aspect is when someone gets jealous of you and have envied you they act on this by casting a spell. Many spells are triggered by envy/jealousy/hasad. These evil people have shaytaan all over them so they will bow to the whispers of the devil and turn to witchcraft.

So when these evil people cast their spells they are doing it because of the envy / jealousy / hasad, so the spell itself is trigger by the evil eye. As you can see sihr (black magic) and Ayn (evil eye) are not necessarily separate things – a victim will need to nullify both these issues before the jinns will leave them alone.

This type of unseen harm is most confusing for people as when they try and diagnose themselves they get a positive reaction for Envy (evil eye), Sihr (black magic) and Jinn Possession – this means you suffering from what I have mentioned above. It is the deadliest as you are dealing with Ayn (evil eye) and Sihr (black magic) mixed together.

We have written about how to destroy Ayn / Hasad / Evil Eye by using mushrooms/truffles by eating and bathing in them:

Again you must recite lots of Surah Al – Falaq with the intention of destroying the Ayn / Evil Eye that has afflicted you or family/friend.

Sihr / Black Magic: When the Prophet (saw) was afflicted by this Jibreel (as) told him where the charm was, then he recited the Quls over the prophet (saw), which nullified the effects of the black magic. We are not going to get angels coming down to assist us as we do not have that status but Allah (swt) has given the means & tools to cure ourselves. Once you have broken the link / connection between yourself and the sorcerer, you will no longer be part of their web you will find that the sihr / black magic begins to become weaker and weaker very quickly to the point the spell will break once you recite the relevant verses. Again as mentioned above get cupping done on the areas I have mentioned previously will remove the sihr very promptly – Insh’Allah.

Wasawas / Evil Whispers: There is no easy solution for these evil whispers as all jinns which have entered your body have the ability to do this, naturally best way is to remove the jinns in your body to remove the wasawas / evil whispers. However what do you do in the interim period, my advice get cupping done around the heart, you can get wet cupping done regularly but also dry cupping. Wet cupping will destroy any jinns around the heart area very promptly so must be done.

You can recite lots of Surah an-Nas for obvious reasons. I would also advise doing lots of salah as this will weaken the jinns to do the evil whispers. Another must will be to do the prophet (saw) supplication and to fast on Monday and Thursday. In all honesty, I do not have the perfect solution for this problem and it is part of the sihr / ayn.

I am going to point out a hadith which you may not be aware of about: Prophet (saw)

“Satan puts his hand on the heart of man. If he celebrates the remembrance of Allah he removes his hand and if he forgets Allah, Satan overcomes his heart fully. This is the ‘evil of the whisperer.’ “

This hadith actually gives us insight into how the evil whispers occur, satan puts their hand on our hearts, so these jinns can be anywhere in our bodies inflict wasawas – remember jinns are made from smokeless fire so the way they behave is different in terms of touching our hearts is different to the way we do it.

You can also keep the jinns weak by reciting Dua Of Yunus (as): minimum 100 times in the morning and night each.

Also Prophet Supplication, most effective one we have found is here:

A person possessed by a jinn will likely find the evil jinns hand will be located around the back of the head. You will feel a weight on the back of the head and an itchy pain. If you are suffering from severe evil whispers then check if the jinns hand is located there. Put your hand on the back of your head where the pain is and make the following intention: Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum is the jinn hand located here and recite Surah Falaq. If you get a reaction you know what the severe whispers are caused by.

You should then recite verses of Quran especially Ayatul-Qurshi and Surah Al-Falaq with the intention of destroying the jinns hand so the severe whispers stop.

Another reason why I mention this hand specifically is the hand is a black magic symbol, unfortunately, people use it as a form of protection. Check out the Hamsa Hand.

Another thing I will mention is if you are suffering from paranoia, extreme anger, obsessive compulsions or any other forms of anguish/personality disorder and son, make an intention to Allah (swt) to destroy this and recite verses of Quran. Again this is an effective way of reducing these symptoms.

Finally on evil whispers, sins or having bad character will make this worse, this is why important to make a lot of effort to make sure you don’t do anything which will make you spiritually weak and your heart impure. The best thing to do is avoid bad people if you know someone is going to make you commit a sin or is of bad character avoid them – just give salaams when you see them and that is it.

TIP: if you are ever stuck with making progress with curing yourself, then turn to Surah Al-Falaq and Surah Al-Nass – reciting it with a wide and encompassing intention multiple times: 21, 40, 70 and 100 times in one sitting are sounds number to recite and prove effective Insh’Allah.

Sadaqah / Charity: Important to understand what this means, Sadaqah is not about giving money alone, it is about pleasing Allah (swt) by giving someone something without wanting anything back. With this understanding you see Sadaqah has a wide meaning and it is something you can do every day and it can be a little thing. An example, would be saying kind words to someone and smiling, giving way to another driver whilst your driving, helping an old person at your local mosque with their chair or holding a door for someone in a shopping centre – get the message here.

As the prophet (saw) said: “every good deed is a form of sadaq”, we should aim to implement these small and simple forms of a charity in our daily lives, you will find our heart will purify and will feel a lot more content within ourselves. Best of all satans hates this, they prefer people who are ill-mannered, self-centred and selfish.

In terms of giving money, I good practice is to carry loose change with you and regularly put money into donation boxes, these days they are everywhere, in mosque, your local shops, shopping centres. Don’t be a concern if it is a Muslim or non-muslim charity look at the cause if it is noble and organisation is reputable donate the money. Also, many organisation allow you to donate online or via an app, do this especially when you are not feeling well – strong whispers for example.

You should also make it a habit to giving loose change to beggars, Allah (swt) has created such people as a test for us. Here is a little story from someone we know.

“I used to be careful who I gave money to, always avoiding giving to beggars who I thought would use their money on drugs and alcohol. One day some non-muslim guy who clearly was not right asked me for money, I knew he wanted it for his drugs and/or alcohol. For some reason I felt sorry for him there was something about him that made me feel like that. I gave him some loose change I had in my pocket thinking to myself no doubt he will spend it on haraam stuff. As I walked away I felt the jinn inside me go into so much pain to the point I started to crouch down, it was like I recited Ayatul Kurshi 70 times and blew over myself. The loose change which I gave to that person had some negative impact on the jinn.’ “

Allah (swt) works in mysterious ways and we can never understand Allah (swt) wisdom, it is always best to take people prays rather than their curse whoever it may be.

ARE YOU CURED: – Most who follow the above process will find they are fully cured, unfortunately, this ailment has various levels so not everyone will and also most spells cast these days are strong therefore you will have to make extra effort to fully cure themselves, by doing the following.

If you have been suffering a long time and you go through the above process, you broke the link/connections to the sorcerer/web been destroyed, you check for sihr / black magic but you get no reaction, you check for Ayn / evil eye you get no reaction, you also check for wasawas jinn it has been destroyed but you still have a jinn which is harming you.

If you reach this stage you have done well – Mash’Allah – the reason why this will be is the final jinn is the lead jinn / sihr jinn (as mentioned above) it had a contract with the sorcerer and this jinn will not leave easily, it may have to be destroyed by doing cupping and lots of Quran verses. With this final jinn don’t get complacent as it will try and rebuild the sihr, ayn and the web again so continue with your amals, make sure you do lots of dhikr / supplications.

Also if you having trouble removing this final jinn, then it may have a link between you and its world, where it is able to retain its strength. Try reciting verses of the Quran (with the intention to destroy the Sihr Jinn) blow around you see if there is a reaction anywhere, e.g. you may get a reaction on your belly, on your shoulder, on your leg and so on, you need to target these places where the reaction is happening. Recite lots of Quls and blow on your hands and rub them over you, especially where you getting a reaction. Your objective is to weaken the jinn that is being stubborn and refusing to leave, eventually, it will become weaker and weaker until it either leaves or dies. Remember as mention above you can check if this jinn is harming you.

Also, try and locate where the jinn may be hiding, to do this as I mentioned above, place your hands around areas of your body and make intention: Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Quyyum is the jinn located on my head / back / leg ..etc... and if you get a reaction you know it is hiding there ( this jinn will be more likely than not be on the legs – calf or knee). You will need to use all tools available to weaken and destroy this final jinn. SubhanAllah.

What else I will add here, is this final jinn may be a Hereditary Jinn, – you can get cases where people are suffering from multiple ailments – Ayn (evil eye), Sihr (black magic) and a hereditary jinn, so will take more effort to remedy.

Most people understanding of hereditary jinn is incomplete as well in my view. One aspect is when jinns pass themselves down from one family member to another, which is well known, that is in the past parents, grandparents or even before that, someone in the family lineage was afflicted by sihr / ayn (The Unseen) and had not cured themselves, so these jinns and their families will move through the family linage. Therefore you will need to deal with this aspect as well.

Second aspect of Hereditary Jinn comes from the sorcerer themselves, which needs to be classed as such (most will not agree with this), the final jinn will not leave as it had an original contract with the sorcerers family and they want to fulfil this regardless of whether the sihr / ayn has been broken or not. To understands this I give you an example, again someone we know who managed to destroy the sihr / ayn / wasawas and remove all the jinns except this final jinn. It turns out this jinn had served the sorcerer family for 600 years and it would not leave as it would break the contract with the sorcerer family it had for the past (600 years ago).

This Jinn has to be classed as a hereditary jinn as well from the sorcerer who firmly believed (possibly tricked) into accepting the contract was still valid.

How to remove hereditary jinn, is to make intention for Allah (swt) to help you remove this jinn and then recite verses of Quran, especially Ayatul Qurshi and Surah Falaq. INTENTION: Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Quyyun – assist me to remove this hereditary jinn that has is harming and afflicting me, so I can worship you properly, correctly.

It may possible there has been a link created over the left shoulder or stomach area (or elsewhere) if that is the case break the link as mentioned above. I emphasis several times the intention is imperative, do not just recite verses of the Quran without intention as you are only going to get the general benefit, specify what you want from your ruqyah verses to make them absolutely beneficial. You will find making the intention and reciting Quran verses, they have the desired results.

You may find verse 70 in Surah Taha (chapter 20) (20:70) work for you, so try reciting it and see if there is a reaction, also the final four verses of Surah Al-Hashr will be effective, Insh’Allah. Also Surah Yasin is extremely effective, which you can read about in the next page

You can check if you have a hereditary jinn by (YES you must get it by now) place your hands on your forehead and make intention: Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum do I have a hereditary jinn that is harming me – recite Surah Falaq, you will get a reaction if you are afflicted, you will not be able to finish the verses. Both types of hereditary jinns we mention above will get a reaction, this is why they both need to be classed as such, also reciting ruqyah verses with the intention will have the desired impact.

Also as I mentioned above the lead jinn / sihr jinn and Herediatry jinn maybe one jinn which is perform two jobs so you will need yo nullify both before will leave you alone.

I shall mention one final thing, if you get to a stage where you are not getting no reaction to sihr, ayn, wasawas jinns or sihr or hereditary jinns and there is a jinn still in your body. The reason why this will be is the evil jinn does not want to leave as it may have been in your body for a long time and built a fortress.

With anything if you end up living in a place you build yourself a home and create an infrastructure so you can stay comfortably, with these jinns it is no different.

What you will need to do to remove this jinn and you are sure it is not reacting to any of the above ailment is to check if it has a protective layer or shield which it is using to stay in the body. You can do this by using the diagnose method I mentioned above ( I did say you can use the diagnose method for any unseen harm) you are likely to get a reaction. You should then use verse 17:81 and surah al-falaq reciting them multiple times with the intention of destroying their shield / protective layer they are using, you may feel your body shake as you recite these verses, this will be a good indication the jinns infrastructure is breaking. Now the jinn has no protection and you will notice as you recite ruqyah verse the jinn will be agony, just saying Bismillah will be harming the jinn. You will have to recite Ayatul Qurshi with the intention of destroying this final jinn 21 times, recommend do this 3 times a day for 7 days.

If the jinn has still not left and you getting no reaction to anything mentioned above, then I do not know what else it can be. You will have to recite lots of verses of the Quran, especially Aytaul Kurshi multiple times a day and Surah Al-Baqarah, Surah Yasin, Surah Jinn and the Quls with the following Intention: Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Quyyum destroy all the evil which I feel and all the evil which I fear so I can worship you properly.

Summary: With the above article I have provided the information I set off to do, Insh’Allah people who have been afflicted for many years find the above off benefit and are able to fully cure themselves and/or family members / friends. The most important part is to destroy the link / connection / invisible force / the web and from there you will be on your way to nullify what is harming you. If a jinn has been inside your body for a long time it usually means they are using this invisible force to stay energized. If you get fully cured make sure on a regular basis you check if the links / connection does not reappear, it should not do but to be on the safe side

Also I emphasized continually to make an intention and what you want to achieve when you are reciting verses of the Quran, this makes a huge difference. Also continually diagnosed yourself using the method mentioned above, if you read the article this far you know it is very effective. Always ask the question why is the jinn(s) still inside my body, once you get this answer you can work to neutralize them.

This topic is huge, there is no way one can cover every aspect and it is impossible to have absolute knowledge on this subject. People may be suffering from other kinds of issues related to sihr /ayn and jinn possession – e.g. marriage & relationship matters, other illnesses and things which we can’t fully understand. The above article will provide you with the tools needed to deal with these issues and try to overcome them.

There are no easy solutions to overcome this ailment, you must show patience, persistence and have trust in Allah (swt). There was a wise scholar who I heard once when giving a talk on this topic say if one should suffer from sihr / harms of the unseen – see it as you are fulfilling a sunnah of the prophet (saw) as he suffered from the sihr / witchcraft. If one should die fighting the unseen they will surely die as martyrs, as shaytan is our biggest and open enemy.

Final point/tip I shall give you here is the obvious one, make sure you recite lots of the Quran, not just individually verses or chapters but from start to finish, aim to complete the whole Quran regularly, whether this is every few days or every few months. I know if you are heavily afflicted by the unseen it is very difficult but one can do there best.

PART 2 – Additional TIPS to overcome sihr, ayn and jinn possession.

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