MUSIC – Halal OR Haraam – Practical Guidance For Parents

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

The subject of music whether it is permissible or not has created so much discourse amongst the ummah for generations. Some say it is Halal and others firmly say it is Haraam, here are some fatwas & articles from the web, two saying music is allowed based on conditions and other two who say firmly it is haraam.

Our purpose here is not to pick a side but provide some practical guidance on the subject to parents. In the world today everything is accessible with a click of a button on mobile / cell phones so for us it is important for people to be honest about these subject, especially for parents.

We have come across parents who have tried to impose strict control on their children regarding music and others being very laxed on the subject.

I remember discussing this subject with a parent who was getting angry with her children for listening to music, I asked one question, when you were their aged did you listen to music – the answer was affirmative.

What we suggest is let children grow up and learn, as a parent create boundaries for them and as they get older they will grow out of these habits, if parents continue to provide good guidance and instill sound principles. When your children are younger they have peer pressure, want to fit in with friends and want a sense of belonging with their age group.

In terms of music when dealing with children take Yusuf Qaradawi approach in teaching them that music containing inappropriate language, promoting violence and unacceptable sexual content should never be listened to. Also where there are events that people are mixing with music in the background is not acceptable. Music created as a part of a gang to goad other gangs – known as drill music is totally wrong to make or watch..

Just by creating these ground rules you already restricting the type of music your children listen to and watch. This should be a starting point, we are not suggesting you encourage your children to listen to music but being sensible and practical in the way you deal with the subject in an environment your children are bought up.

Also if you children are listening to music, their should be rules when they have it on and how loud they put the music on for, should also be discussed with them.

A good way to slowly remove the habit of music from children is by listening to radio shows, such as stations which discuss current affairs, where everyone can get involve in debating the subject, if the child has a keen interest in sport you can put sport radio on for them. All this builds up barriers for the child to move away from music.

Finally we would like to make our views clear on the subject by mentioning a saying: if the devil was to choose a profession it would be the music industry – music provides all the fertile ground to steer people away from the deen.