My Dua Pillow

This review was written by a 11 year old girl, on behalf of her soon to be 3 year old cousin.

This is product is very educational and keeps my cousin occupied for a long time and also it is good because its easy to turn off the pillow without my 3 year cousin trying to turn it on an on and off each time she wants to use it, as the switch is inside the toy. The feature she likes the most are the lights, which makes her bed glow at night, not so much that it hinders her sleep but enough to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The pillow has 7 buttons which are to switch on the pillow, the button for the lights, another for volume, there is button for with a picture of a moon is to play the night bed time dua. The other button with a smily plays the Quls and the one at the top with a picture of a open book (Quran) plays Ayatul Kurshi – so the pillow is easy to navigate for everyone.

My three year old cousin before going to sleep presses the relevant buttons to play the dua to sleep and also the Ayatul Kurshi and the Quls which hopefully as she grows will recite them herself every night.

The lullaby is very soothing and help my cousin to relax and fall a sleep. The only problem is that it can be a bit bulky if you want to take it anywhere but apart from that it is awesome I really recommend.

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