Products For The Home

We as Muslims are very fortunate when it comes to decorating our houses with home decor or wall art, as we have so much choice. Traditionally Muslims have always been innovative in art and design, this continues even today.

We have found the best places to find Islamic Wall Art and Home Decor is at ETSY, they have sellers from all over the world and many allow you to customize the product you are interested in. Amazon and Ebay also have a good choice of products. If you are after value for money then the best place is Ali Express, you can get good quality wall art at the fraction of the price you pay anywhere else.

Here are some of the products we recommend:

Classy Wall Art

When choosing your wall art make sure you are certain what exactly you looking for, are you making a statement, will it be a centre piece of your room, is it there to enhance the existing make up of the room. Having the art work too small will not act as a centre piece or if it is too big it will overwhelm. Making sure the art work is the right size. TIP: make sure you get the measurement of the art work right on the wall before purchasing it.

Choosing the right colour is what makes the wall art or home decor right for your space, you do not want the art work to be be too dull so it lost or too bright which will overwhelm the space.

Coolest Home Decor