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Using Surah Yasin To Destroy Sihr / Ayn / Mass

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

In this part we are going to explain how you can use Surah Yasin to remove Sihr / Black Magic / Ayn / Evil Eye / Jinns from your body. We have out line the benefits / virtues of Surah Yasin here:

Firstly before doing this amal you must first make sure you are ready to do this as it is intense, so must make sure you are free from all major sins, eating and doing halal, you have truly repented from all your past sins – you must be in a state of purity and be sincere.

Firstly part is preparation, you must repent, do zikr and recite durood, as follows:

The above one should get in to a habit of doing on a daily basis, it purifies the heart, soul and the mind.

Now make intention you want to destroy all the evil that has afflict you, this would all the jinns, the evil eye, all the sihr, all the evil whisphers (waswas) and all their evil web & network are destroy as well, you should make the intention wide as possible.

Now start to recite Surah Yasin and do this multiple times each sessions – minimum you want to do is 21 times in one day – so you recite 7 times in the morning, 7 times in the afternoon and 7 times in the evening. After each session blow hard in to a big water bottle, at least 2 litres if not bigger, you use the water to drink and wash with – you can pour some in a cup and add, honey, cider vinegar, black seed and anything else you think will help and drink it.

We have known people as a family do this amal 70 times in one day with the intention of destroying the evil that is harming them.

Initially the jinns will react, the evil whispers (waswas) may get intense but eventually the jinns will either leave or burn.

We also recommend after each session you recite Ayatul Qurshi a few times with the intention of destroying the jinns / sihr / ayn that is harming you.

The above method of intensively reciting Surah Yasin over a day, few days or a week has proven to be successfully with some devastating results, this is why we share this with you.

What we mention here, you get from the Quran what you take with you, if your heart & mind are pure, you have good character and you are sincere you will benefit greatly from your recitation, however if you are corrupt, devious and have bad character you will not benefit from the Quran.

An example we give you of this, was a family who spent days reciting the Quran to get help with the Black Magic (Sihr) they were afflicted with but nothing positive happened – the reason was the family were involved in corrupt practices in terms of their earnings – haraam income will destroy your amal you do.

This is why the starting point is to make sure you are pure, you are not committing sins, your income is halal, you actions are not harming others then see the benefits of the Quran.

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