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If you have not done so you should first read our article on How To Cure Yourself From Black Magic, Evil Eye, Jinn Possession, this will provide you with information you may require to make the Ruqyah Bath effective.

Ruqyah Bath is not only an effective treatment for curing the affects of back magic, sihr, ayn, evil eye and jinn possession but can be used for many serious illnesses & sickness like cancer, leukemia, depression and more. We are focusing this small article for the treatment of black magic, evil eye and jinn possession.

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Evil Eye / Ayn / Hasad / Envy: – The best way to cure oneself from this to use the ablution (wudu) water of the person that afflicted you but this is not always possible. You can also use anything personal of the person who gave you the eye such as underwear, socks or even anything they have touched. Just dip these in some water and bath in it.

However getting items of the person who afflicted you with the eye is not easy, especially if you no contact with the person. So the next most effective treatment / Ruqyah Bath for the neutralization of this is the use of Truffles (see our article on truffles cure for evil eye). However truffles are not cheap and nor are they easy to get hold of in good quantities, so a cheap alternative is Mushrooms, which are technical the same as truffles but without the stem.

There are many varieties of mushrooms and some are specific used for medical purposes in traditional medicine – but be careful as some are toxic and can kill. Getting a good batch from your local grocery store will be enough with this treatment. The ones we have found to be effective are large dark flat mushrooms, when boiled they juice better, we particularly suggest trying Shiitake mushroom as they are strong, bold, meaty and considered medicinal mushrooms, in traditional medicine.

Shiitake mushroom are said to contain 10 times the flavor of white mushrooms and some of them have no roots just like truffles, definitely for those who suspect they have been afflicted by the evil eye / Hasad / Ayn should try these mushrooms

The way to prepare the Ruqyah Bath is to cut the mushrooms into small pieces and boil them for approximately 30 minutes which will allow all of the mushroom juices to come out, make sure you use plenty of water. Whilst they are boiling you should pray the relevant Quran verses on the mushrooms: firstly make intention to Allah (swt) to destroy the evil eye that has afflicted you (or family member) and recite Ayatul Qurshi, Surah Falaq and Surah Nass 7 times each and blow three times, very hard on to the water – then let the water continue to boil.

You should let the mushroom and the water cool and then eat a handful of the mushrooms and get a good size cup of the mushroom water to bath in by filling the bath tub with water and adding the mushroom water. We suggest don’t add anything else in to the bath tub. Now bathe in the water for 30 minutes or so, make sure you put plenty of water over your head, face and your back

Best time to have a Ruqyah Bath is hour or so before going to bed as if you are affected by the evil eye / ayn / Hasad after doing above it will drain your energy and will need a good night sleep, ideal to bath when you don’t need to go to work or have any plans the following day.

After you finished having the ruqyah bath try to dry off naturally, without a towel – use your hand.

Just before going to bed do your compulsory prays and any recitations you need to do and go to sleep. Insh’Allah you will feel better in the morning as the effects of the ayn / evil eye should become weaker.

The mushroom and water left make sure you put them in the refrigerator and drink the water & eat them over the next few days. You may need to repeat the treatment a couple of times.

We assure you the above ruqyah bath is very effective if you are suffering from evil eye / ayan / hasad and have heard of people being completed cured from it by using this method.

Sihr / Black Magic / Withccraft: if you are afflicted by this you will need to use sidr leaves instead and also recite the verse of magic which are:

  1. Surah Al Fatiha
  2. Surah Al Baqarah, ayahs 1-5
  3. Surah Al Baqarah ayah 102
  4. Surah Al Baqarah ayahs 255-257
  5. Surah Al Baqarah ayah 284-287
  6. Surah Al Araf, 117 – 122
  7. Surah Taha, 65-69
  8. Surah Al Yunus, 79-82
  9. The Three Final Quls

You should keep the water with the above recited on to drink regularly throughout the day.

With the above two ailments – Sihr / Ayn – the bath will weaken the ailment and also the Jinns, however the jinns may not leave as some would have choose to burn than leave, if this is the case recite lots of Ayatul Qurshi and get cupping / hijamah done as the cuts weaken / kill the jinns.

Also with black magic / sihr you may need to get rid of the toxins within your body that the sorcerer would have sent, we suggest use senna leaves as this will get rid of all the negative substances in the body. We have come across some herbalist provide their patients with herbs to eat so they vomit out the sihr / black magic that they have been given to eat.

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Jinn Possession: Some scholars in this subject estimate that 60% of people are afflicted by jinns, we reckon the figure is much higher as the level of corruption amongst people is very high today and this has opened the door to Shaytan. Even those who pray five times a day are afflicted by jinn possession and they are not aware of it. When people are crafty, deceitful, dishonest and not being sincere then inevitably people are going to be taken over Shaytan.

I tend to break down jinn possession in two categories, active possession and passive possession. The former is your evil eye / black magic / sihr, where someone has deliberately set out to harm you by using the unseen world. The latter is when you become possessed because you are spiritually weak and these creatures are quietly diverting you slowly away from fulfilling your daily rituals. You can also get possessed because the jinn has fallen in love with you or you have inadvertently harm the jinn, e.g. not saying Bismillah when visiting the toilet to relieve yourselves.

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If you are spiritually weak and corrupt, doesn’t matter what you do the Quran and any other treatment will not be effective, you will need change your ways by becoming a sincere believer before you even begin to address this unseen ailment.

For general Jinn Possession follow the guidance given in the video below.

Ruqyah Bath has to be seen as one tool of many in curing this ailment, unfortunately despite what is often portrayed there is no easy solutions. The only cure is being patient and persistent in using the various treatments that are available and through the will of Allah (swt) one can be fully cured.

There is one ingredients that has not been included in the video below, which from experience is extremely potent, that is kaffir lime, normal lime is effective as well. Just the smell of kaffir lime makes jinns run, as it is like acid to them, so should be included in the ruqyah bath, half a lime can be squeezed into the bath water. Also drinking prayed water with squeezed lime is also recommended. These days you can get bottled lime from supermarkets which is good to use.

TIP: bathing has never been about filling the bath tub with water, our Prophet (saw) used to use approximately 1 liter of water to do wudu and about 5 liters or so to bath with, therfore you can adjust the way you do ruqyah bath by using a plastic jug, large plastic bowl or even a bucket to get a ruqyah bath done on a regularly basis. The two picture is a example of using a measuring jug with lime to do a quick ruqyah wash after a shower – it is quick and practical solution instead of filling the bath tub everyday, wasting time and water. Advantage is you are continually washing away the evil that has afflicted you in a simple, easy and time managed way – all this helps. (Instead of lime you can use what ever you feel is suitable or needed for you, such as salts, sidr leaves, mushroom juice etc…etc..).

Another good practice is once you have had the bath use recited Olive Oil and message it on to your whole body, this will further weaken the jinns.

To be successfully treated from the ailment you need to go through the following and use the tools that are available to us:

  1. Make an intention to change your ways – aim to become a believer who has strong faith.
  2. Make sure you are on the path of Tawheed – not to associate partners with Allah (swt) – particular avoid visiting graves, except for burials (which men do).
  3. Make a huge effort to become a person of sound character, as the Quran has told us in Chapter 68 verse 4 – Prophet (saw) is best of character – these are big words for Muslims to emulate.
  4. Implement all compulsory form of worship, which includes the daily prays
  5. Quranic Supplication – recite the various Quran surahs and verses – also you can listen to Ruqyah verses through headphones.
  6. Prophet Supplication – don’t underestimate the huge benefit off the various supplication the prophet (Saw) has given us, find time to implement them.
  7. Prophet Medicine – this includes Ruqyah Bath, Cupping, black seed, honey, olive oil, apple vinegar and so on.
  8. Other Medicine: e.g herbal medicine such as calming tablets are very good and also medicine prescribed by doctors, these despite having side affects should be used if required. One other product I will mention here is smelling salts which helps when you are feeling dizzy, weak and has an adverse affect on the jinns.

One finally word that needs to be mention, the above ailments of Evil Eye / Sihr / Jinn Possession should not be seen as separate and mutually exclusive, more often than not a victim will need to deal with all three.

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