Ruqyah Products

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

There are number of Ruqyah products one can use to treat yourselves for sihr, black magic, ayn, hasad, evil eye and jinn possession. These are available to purchase from Ebay, Amazon or ETSY – some sellers, ruqyah products are ready to use with Quran recited over them as well. Some even have made ruqyah capsules to use so you don’t need to buy all the items individually and take them like medicine over the day (check the ingredients before you them). The products which we found that are effective:

  • Recited water / zamzam – recommend to drink three cups a day at least.
  • Recite olive oil – you rub this over your body especially the areas where you are getting a reaction.
  • Senna Leaves – this is to detox yourself and remove all the negative substances in your body – usually recommend to do this once a month
  • Sidr Leaves – use to bath with as removes sihr / black magic from your bodies.
  • Indian Costus Powder / nose drop – use the drops to put in the nose to lodge out any jinns in your head
  • Smelling Salts – I find this better than Indian Costus and is very good if you are feeling dizzy and jinns appear to be harm by it.
  • Ajwa Dates – protects us against sihr and should eat Ajwa or any other dates every morning.
  • Sidr Honey – recommended as it is considered the most effective honey, though any good quality honey will suffice
  • Talbina (Barley flour) – this we highly recommend as it has so many benefits especially good for depression and anxiety.
  • Truffles & Mushrooms – is a cure for evil eye, you can read our article on it
  • Kaffir Lime – normal limes are effective as well – Lime is like acid to jinns and very popular in some parts of the world, using it to drink and bath in will have a desired affects
  • Black Seed – cure for all illness as the hadith says, be careful to use a small amount not to over do it.
  • Camel Milk – from my experience camel milk appears to drain jinns of their energy, it cools them down rapidly.
  • Salts For Bathing – as it penetrates deep into the skin and weakens the jinns, also it destroy the protective layers that jinns maybe using.
  • Saffron – from my experience it seems to irritate the jinns so has it benefits.
  • Apple / Cyder Vinegar – Effective product, sunnah method is to dip bread into the vinegar and eating each morning.

I do recommend people use what is working for them and don’t be scared to try different products. Here are some products you can buy online from Ebay:

Camel Milk

I particularly highlighting CAMEL MILK because it’s so effective if you are suffering from Jinn Possession. What the camel milk seems to do is weaken the jinns instantly, they are made from smokeless fire and camel milk is like putting water on a fire, so worth trying out.

Dua Before You Drink The Milk

Allaahumma Baarik Lanaa Feehi Wa Zidnaa Minhu
[O Allah, bless us in it and grant us more]