Surah Al Falaq – Cure & Protection From Sihr, Ayn and Jinns

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

This page is supplementary to our main article, How To Cure Yourself From Black Magic, Evil Eye, Jinn Possession, this will provide you with information you may require to use this chapter of the Quran effectively.

We are all aware of the importance of this chapter of Quran when it comes to protecting and curing ourselves from sihr, ayn and jinn possession – without a doubt it is the most effective chapter of the Quran. Prophet (saw) used the final two chapters of the Quran to protect himself from the unseen once they were revealed and was cured by them as well when black magic was done on him.

We are going to explain why it is important, best as Iwecan, for those who are being harmed by a sorcerer, those touched by the evil eye and those possessed by jinns.

Verse 1) – Say: “I seek refuge with the Lord of the Daybreak – this verse is about seeking refuge in Allah (Swt) the all mighty from the daybreak – why the day break, this is when shaytan and evil sorcerers finish off their evil practice, so we don’t want to be harm by it. We are seeking refuge with the Lords, as it is with only Allah (swt) will that we are protected and through his will that we can get cured.

Verse 2) – From the evil of that which He has created – the evil we are interested here is the harm of Shaytan / Jinns and the sorcerers. On the main page I mention when you cure yourself from black magic / sihr and /or ayn / evil eye – an evil jinn may not leave you as this jinn may be the lead jinn – when you recite surah Al-Falaq and come to this verse, you may get a strong reaction, this is usually indication of the evil jinn. Therefore important to recite this verse repeatedly until reaction stops.

Verse 3) – And from the evil of darkness when it is intense – there is different opinion from the scholars about the meaning of the word Ghasiq – however from the issues specifically of the sorcerer / jinns and black magic – we are most vulnerable to this at night when we are sleeping deeply, this is when Jinns come to attack us. If you are possessed by a jinns or have been you know that in the middle of night you suffer from sleep paralysis, you feel a evil presence you neither awake or sleep – this is usually first stages of possession. When I recite Surah Al-Falaq I am seek refuge from Allah (swt) from this happening to me.

Verse 4) – And from the evil of those who practice dark arts – This verse is clear in that we seeking refuge from Allah (swt) from those who practice black magic / from the sorcerer and witchcraft. These people who are engaging in this evil art, the most filthiest of being, they have sold their hearts and souls to shaytan and in turn these devils adhere to their commands.

We warn those who practice sorcery, the devils will never leave you alone, they will make you do things in this world which is the most filthiest imaginable including eating excrement. It does not end their, when you die these devils will attack your souls, just as you mark your victims in this world the devils have marked you for eternity.

Young sorcerers will feel they have the power, feel superior to others and act as they have the world in their hands – this is nothing but a delusion of shaytan, as the sorcerer gets older and older the devils will slowly and slowly get their way with them.

Verse 5) – And from the evil of the envier when he envies. – As I mention in our main article on this subject, envy / hasad / evil eye is more wider then just giving the eye to someone, it also part of witchcraft and black magic.

If you look at this chapter as whole, we seeking refuge from Allah (swt) from several things:

  1. Envy / evil eye
  2. Sihr / black magic / witchcraft
  3. From the darkness when jinns / evil is most active
  4. From the evil that Allah (swt) through his wisdom has created

A victim of the unseen can be suffering one of the these, two of these, three of these or all the above. This is why it is important chapter of the Quran when it comes to curing oneself from the unseen world.

This is why in the main article we particular mention to use this chapter of the Quran to diagnose what exactly you or your loves one are afflicted by. In our limited experience and humblest of opinions it is without a doubt the most effective in treating anyone who is suffering from these deadly ailments and seeking protection from the unseen world.

USING IT TO DIAGNOSING YOURSELF: This chapter is also very important in diagnosing yourself to determined what exactly are you suffering from, if you are afflicted from the unseen.

The easiest way to do this is to put your hand on your forehead and make an intention and recite the chapter, if you get a reaction you know you are afflicted. Examples are:

  • Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum am suffering from Sihr / Witchcraft / Black Magic – if you get a reaction you know you afflicted
  • Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum am suffering from Ayn / Hasad / Evil Eye – if you get a reaction you know you afflicted
  • Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum am suffering from Jinn Possession – if you get a reaction you know you afflicted
  • Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum am suffering from Hereditary Jinns – if you get a reaction you know you afflicted
  • Ya Allah Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum am suffering from marriage / relationship sihr- if you get a reaction you know you afflicted

You can change your intention accordingly, to what you want to diagnose, remember you could be suffering from one or more harm from the unseen.

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Question: How wide spread is Witchcraft / black magic? The answer, it is very wide spread in this day and age – in fact, many parts of the world it is openly practiced and advertised. Black magic seen as entertainment in children TV shows and movies, e.g. is the Harry Potter films, the spells used and jinns names are real. Therefore as you can imagine black magic / witchcraft is extremely wide spread among practiced.

Even amongst muslims it is wide spread, here I shall mention three specific examples of people who we have come across who practice this dark arts:

  1. An local imam of a mosque, well respected in his community, but his wife and daughter are involved in these dark arts, harming believers – I am not going to say which town, city or country this imam is from, it could be anywhere in the world – point here is in amongst the most pious and respected people they directly or indirectly involved in witchcraft / black magic. (Don’t get me wrong we are not saying all Imams are involved in black magic but a tiny proportion).
  2. There is a dawah group call Tablighi Jamat who do dawah work by preaching to muslims and non-muslim, they operate in most muslim countries and high respected. We have come across members who engage in these dark arts, harming fellow Muslims, (Don’t get me wrong am not saying all from Tablighi Jamat practice these dark arts – definitely not but giving example of people who do amongst them) – again the point here is to highlight how far wide spread those who practice witchcraft is.
  3. Third example is, a group call Hizb-ut-tahrir who are an Islamic political group, even amongst them we have come across those who practice black magic / witchcraft (again don’t get me wrong I am not saying all from this group practice these dark art – definitely not, but highlighting people who do amongst them) – again the point was to highlight how far this practice is wide spread.

The reason we point out these three examples were to show even amongst the Muslim community, who are seen as pious, respected, those who have noble causes and have immense knowledge, small minority of people within them engage in black magic / witchcraft. So what about the average muslim like us, it would be worse among us.

All this clearly demonstrates how wide spread this is today and the importance of us to seek protection by using the methods our prophet (saw) has given us.

Another point that needs to be made is those who practice dark arts come from all countries and are within all communities, We often read or hear comments that this muslim country or that muslim community has people who engage in sihr / sorcery / witchcraft – in reality it is wide spread and affects every town, city and community in the whole world. We should seek protection from those who engage in these dark arts by using this chapter of the Quran – Ameen.

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