The Best Zikr is La ilaha illallah

The best Zikr is La ilaha illallah, according to the following hadith:

“The best Dhikr (remembering Allah) is La ilaha illallah and the best supplication is Al-Hamdu Lillah.” [At-Tirmidhi, An-Nasa’i and Ibn Majah]

If the seven heavens and everything contained in it were placed on one side of the scale and La ilaha illallah on the other scale the latter will be more heavier, this is the power of this short dhikr.

Saying La illaha illa Allah affirms your faith, but it is more than this, it brings you closer to Allah (swt), your sins are forgiven, your duas become accepted, you become more patience, you become protected from the fire of hell and there much more.

We should recite La illaha illa constantly, whilst we are engaging in our day to day activities, there are people in this world who recite this 1000’s and 1000’s times in a day at least.

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