Truffles & Mushrooms – Cure For Evil Eye, Ayn, Envy, Hasad

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

If you have not done so you should first read our article on How To Cure Yourself From Black Magic, Evil Eye, Jinn Possession, this will provide you with information you may require to make curing your self from the evil eye / ayn / hasad effective.

According to Islamic traditional evil eye (ayn / hasad / envy) is real and there are many narrations that prove this. One of the most effective cures for evil eye is Truffles, which one can buy from specialist providers / retailers. Fresh truffles are available part of the year, usually in Europe between September and February. Truffles can be preserved in Olive Oil and Honey so can be available throughout the year.

They are referred to as ‘daughter of thunder’ as they grow well when there is thunder in the air.

Truffles according to Islamic Tradition / Hadith (as listed below) was given by Allah (swt) to the people of Musa (as) a cure for the eye – meaning evil eye / ayn / hasad / envy and also for eye disease.

We recommend if you suspect that you have been afflicted by evil eye to purchase couple of products we have highlighted below, we particularly recommend the Truffles in acacia honey, as you can have a tea spoon of honey infused with truffles over a long period of time. You should recite the final two Quls (7 times each) blowing over the truffles and eat them two to three times a day. IMPORTANT – when you recite the Quls and eat them make an intention that you want to be cured from the evil eye so you can worship Allah (swt) better.

Cheap Alternative: Truffles can be very expensive and most people can only afford to use them sparingly. A perfect alternative is mushrooms which comes from the same family as truffles, technically they can be considered the same thing, except truffles don’t have stems. The way to use mushroom is to boil them in water for 30 mins, let them cool and eat the mushrooms over the few days (make sure you refrigerate them once cooled) – save the water to drink and use it to bath with. We have heard of people being totally cured from evil eye by using mushroom. In fact mushroom have been mentioned by the prophet (saw) as a cure for the eye as well (see hadith below).

The best mushrooms to try are the dark ones, particularly Shiitake Mushrooms which have no stems, like truffles, are 10 times the flavour of white mushrooms and are considered medicinal mushrooms, used in traditional medicine. See our article on Ruqyah Bath to get a further detail on how to use mushrooms for bathing.

More often than not people who are afflicted by evil eye may be also be affected by sihr (witchcraft / black magic) and jinn possession so you will need to address these issues as well to get totally cured. This is why we recommend to read our article on How To Cure Yourself From Black Magic, Evil Eye, Jinn Possession

Hadith On Truffles & Mushrooms:

I heard the Prophet (ﷺ) saying, “Truffles are like Manna (i.e. they grow naturally without man’s care) and their water heals eye diseases.” (Sahih Bukhari – 5708)

Sa’id b. Zaid reported Allal a Messenger (saw) as saying: Truffles are a kind of ‘Manna’ which Allaah sent down upon Moses and their juice is a medicine for the eyes.

Truffles are ‘Manna’ which Allaah, the Exalted the Majestic, sent to the people of Israil, to Musa (as), and its juice is a medicine for the eyes. (Sahih Muslim 5086 & 5087)

The Prophet (SAW) said that mushroom is a good cure for the eyes , it also serves as a form of birth control and arrests paralysis.(Sahih Bukhari)

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