Understanding Jinn Possession

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

When it comes to this topic there is lots of superstition, there is denial – many deny that humans can be possessed by jinns and others reject jinns altogether. There is also reality of being possessed by a evil jinn and the harms and difficulties it causes.

We are going to focus on how and why jinn possession occurs, if you do become possessed what are the signs and how to overcome it.

Firstly couple of verses from the Quran:

:“Verily! Shaytan is to man an open enemy!” [Surah Yusuf 12:5]

(Shaytan Says ) “Then I will attack them (mankind) from the front, from behind them, and from their right, and from their left; and you will not find most of them appreciative.” [Surah Al-Araf 7:17]

There are many other verses one can look up, these verses tell us Shaytan and his army are our open enemies, they look to harm us in every way possible. Most of us have totally failed to appreciate how Shaytan and his army are constantly trying to cause us harm in this world to lead us to the fire of hell in the hereafter.

With any well organised army, they have a command structure, strategy, they have their aims and objectives, the personnel are focused on their goals, they have loyalty, they usually work in teams and so on. Shaytan army is no different in my opinion – you got to realize this army is the oldest in the world and has been doing its job since the creation of mankind.

The second verse I highlighted as shaytan has openly said he (and his army) will attack us from all directions, they will use every tool they have to harm us and lead us an astray.

The above really should highlight to everyone the battle we are up against when it comes to Shaytan and the evil jiins that work to harm us. Jinn possession is just one aspect of their work.

Jinn Possession

When it comes to jinn possession, simple way to understand is to look at it in to two categories of: Active Possession and Passive Possession. The former is what most would know which is when someone (evil person) deliberately goes out of their way to harm you, using jinns – this would be your black magic / witchcraft, ayn / evil eye. The latter is when people are corrupt evil jinns passively possess them slowly diverting them away and making them even more corrupt.

There is also a category in between these two which is when you accidentally harm a jinn, e.g. would be when visiting the toilet you don’t say Bishmillah and you end up harming the jinn. Other example would be pouring boiling water over a jinn when cleaning or cooking. This is why it is important to make the prophet (saw) supplication – just remember the following it will enough to protect you from this type of possession.

Our Prophet (saw) said: Saying Bismillah (in the Name of Allah) before entering one’s home, eating or drinking, and having intercourse will keep Satan from entering the house or partaking with a person in his food, drink and sexual activity. Similarly, mentioning the name of Allah before entering the toilet or taking off one’s clothes will prevent the jinn from seeing a person in a state of undress or harming him. The Prophet (saw) says: “To put a barrier that will prevent the jinn from seeing the `awrah of the sons of Adam, let any one of you say ‘Bismillah’ when entering the toilet.” (Reported by At-Tirmidhi) .

Active Possession: – This kind of possession is the most difficult to deal with and the most deadliest – you can describe it as death by a thousand cuts. A sorcerer will send evil jinns to harm you, as they have envied you or want to see you lose your livelihood, see your family destroyed, cause you mental health problems and so on.

First time a person realizes there is something wrong is usually when they are a sleep and they suffer from sleep paralysis – this is a state when you are neither awake or sleep, you feel a evil presence on top of you, one may feel they are being strangled or suffocated it is a very frightening experience.

Here are some images from google you may find of interest:

The reason I highlight the images is Sleep Paralysis has been known about for centuries, in all three abrahamic faiths (Islam, Jewish and Christianity) you will find old manuscript make reference to this – so it is a reality.

In the medical profession it is recognize as well but they put it down to chemical imbalances in the brain – this is another reason why sleep paralysis occur difference between the jinn possessing you and the medical version is that the latter you don’t feel the evil presence – this is what distinguish the two.

In terms of Islam, most orthodox traditional scholars do recognize Sleep Paralysis as a reality, however there isn’t a sound, clear unambiguous hadith (not any I have come across) on this, despite sleep paralysis being experience by fair amount of people each day.

The reason I but this down to is, for me there is no doubt the Prophet (saw) when explaining jinns / black magic / ayn would have told his companions about sleep paralysis but this narration was not transmitted down. This may have been largely because those who understood the narration may have themselves been suffering from Jinn Possession and not been considered balance individuals for the narration to considered authentic.

Also most genuine pious, religious and sound scholars may never have had experience sleep paralysis so they would have not been any reason for them to look into any narration on this. Also there is lots of Stigma surrounding this topic so people don’t talk about it. Any sermon / talk about the final two chapters of the Quran, it is unlikely the topic of Sleep Paralysis will be bought up, yet it is a integral part of the topic.

Sleep Paralysis: when you first suffer from this, it is no doubt very frightening and confusing, you wake in the morning as though you have a heavy weight on your shoulders, you feel exhausted, uneasy, you body may ache and you have no one who you can talk about your experience. This is a fact am afriad.

If you do suffer from sleep paralysis immediate recite verses of the Quran, especially the final Quls and blow on your chest and belly directly. You may even get a reaction, continue doing this until the jinn has left you it may take few days though – don’t let the jinn settle in your body. Start reciting Surah Al-Baqarah every day, we have highlighted the importance of his surah here.

Another important thing you must do is get wet cupping / hijamah done, the areas you must target is the back, the legs, the chest and the head. Wet cupping has become widespread so you should be able to locate a hijamist in your locality.

You can read about our articles on:

In the above link on How To Use Quls Effectively we specific highlighted in the article that our prophet (saw) used to recite the final two Quls and blow directly over his body – so it is important to do this, it will have the desired impact.

From my experience and humblest of opinions what the jinns are doing when they attack us through sleep paralysis is they are marking you as a victim and putting in place the infrastructure to do their evil work. A jinn can possess you without doing the sleep paralysis, they just enter the body through your toes or thumbs – this is also the way they tend to exit your body. You will feel as though ants are crawling down your back, arms and/or legs.

Once you recite the Quls or verses of the Quran if you suffered from sleep paralysis for the first time you may find the jinn actually leaves quickly. However don’t get too complacent, this would been the initial attack, with any good army reconnaissance, exploring your target is a very important part of any attack. (remember the verses above – Shaytan and its army is an open enemy to us).

The initial evil jinns may have entered your body for a specific purpose and now they have gone back to set up the attack for the sorcerer. The evil jinns will come back and you will experience sleep paralysis again, maybe on a few occasions if the sorcerer has cast a strong and harmful spell – more than one jinn may enter your body.

Another point that should be made on the evil jinns possessing us because of sihr / black magic and evil eye is they would likely operate in a structured way in my experience and humblest of opinions.

What seems to happen is the sorcerer may cast a spell using one lead jinn, who then goes to recruit other evil jinns to carry out the black magic / witchcraft and evil eye / ayn, they themselves will recruit other jinns to assist them to undertake the evil work which they have been sent for. As you can imagine there is a command structure in the way they operate.

Often when you do ruqyah or hijamah, most often people are attacking and even killing the jinns down the command chain, the foot soldiers – if they die or are disabled they get replaced. What we must target if you are suffering from jinn possession caused by black magic and evil eye is the structure these evil jinns have created within your bodies and the jinns which are carry out the black magic and the evil eye. These jinns will be hiding in your bodies, in my experience in your legs or around your heart.

We must also destroy the networks and connections they have created that energies them in our bodies. This is what I think they do when you suffer from Sleep Paralysis they placing these networks so they can live in our bodies, personally think they use our belly buttons to create the structure, this is why if you recite the Quls blow directly over your stomach if you are possessed by a jinn you will get a reaction. Above is how the strongest of Black Magic / Witchcraft / Evil Eye works.

We refer to the above as active possession as jinns are actively harming the intended victim.

Jinns Made From Smokeless Fire:

“And the jinn, We created before from scorching fire”. [Al-Hjr 15:26-27]

The sun is a perfect example of scorching fire, our sun is unique as we can’t describe it as a solid object and nor a liquid or gas – scientists say the sun is made of PLASMA which is the fourth state of matter. I personally think jinns can be described in a similar way, this is why they have the ability to possess us as they are moldable and dynamic – you can read about Plasma on wikipedia.

Jinns as they are made up of fire need energy to stay alive, just like your gas cookers needs energy to continue burning so do jinns in my experience. The reason why I highlight this is, when you are possessed by jinns and you do carry out various Islamic medicine – Ruqyah and/or Hijamah you will feel energy / heat in your body and will also find the heat leaving your body, this is a sign that the jinn strength is being drained. You will eventually find the heat totally disappear and feel the jinn going cold, this is a sign the jinn is dying.

The above is important to know as you will feel all these sensations if you are possessed by jinns and trying to overcome it.

Our bodies are small piece of flesh and bones but to these evil jinns they morph themselves so they can live in a small area of our bodies for a long time. Just as plasma can be small and stay in one place for a long time and all of sudden with energy can grow rapidly – jinns are exactly the same.

They can flow in our body up and down from our head to bottom of our toes, again similar to plasma, example of this are Lava Lamps – which are made up of plasma, just watch how they flow up and down the lamp, sometimes separating in to parts and then joining up again. Jinns operate in a similar way, in my humblest of opinions.

(the above is based on my own research, whether people agree with me or not the point is to explain how they behave in our bodies).

Passive Possession: Passive Possession when a person is corrupt, a jinn will possess the person as their hearts, mind and soul has become corrupt which makes it easy for Shaytan and its army to enter the persons body. They will then try and corrupt the person even more and divert them away from worshiping Allah (swt).

With this type of possession the person will not even know they are possessed as the evil jinn will just settle in one place (the heart or head), will not even move, they can stay there for the life time of a person. This is why we refer to this as passive possession.

The only way one can cure themselves from this is to purify oneself from your sins, repent to Allah (swt) and become a person who has a good sound character, is sincere and is a decent, honest individual.

Today so many people suffer from passive possession as corruption is widespread and people don’t want to recognize what they are doing is wrong – there is denial. This is very true when it comes to MONEY – a person who prays five times a day, preaches to his local community and gives inspirational sermons but when it comes to money they feel it is OK to be crafty and conniving. (this is a type of people I have come across).

People like this end up destroying their good deeds and open the door for Shaytan, inevitably their hearts become corrupt and corrupt, soon you have Shaytan take them over. This is self inflicted possession, be warned, with this type of possession Shaytan objective is to turn one into a hypocrite and divert the person away from believing in Allah (swt) and into the hell fire – as Shaytan has promised he will do.

The other form of corruption I shall mention is everything surrounding, music, drug taking / dealing, alcohol consumption and zina – all these are found in nightclubs – at night when jinns are active. One should avoid these places they will cause harm to you, slowly slowly your mental health will deteriorate.

LOVE AND HARM: this is another reason why one can get possessed. A jinn can fall in love with you and possess you, they will settle on the heart of the person (no surprise there). Example is of a male I knew off when I was young, who was possessed by a female jinn for many years, he would find it hard to do his daily prays, remember Allah (swt) and so on. He was sitting in a gathering once and a shaikh / Raqi a learned person came and he was asked to perform a ruqyah on some one, which he did.

He then call over this person I knew and recited verses of the Quran over him immediately jinn manifested herself and the shaikh ask various question to the jinn, who said she had possessed him as she fell in love with him. The shaikh explained to the jinn who was a believing / muslim jinn that she is oppressing him and should leave. The jinn apologized and left the person.

The above is an example of jinn falling in love, both male and female jinns fall in love with humans so anyone can get possessed. This is why it is important to make sure you protect yourself and do the various amals.

Harm: an example of harming a jinn, I give is off a simple man who worked at his local mosque, cleaning the wudu area including the toilets. One day whilst cleaning he felt his right arm become heavy and found it hard to move, he felt initially like something was crawling up his arm. Not knowing what had happen he went to the doctor who gave him some medication to take.

The mosque Imam learnt about this person arm and how he was struggling to do the work at the mosque, the imam gave him some recited water to drink and recited olive oil to rub on his arm. few days later of drinking the water and rubbing olive oil, he felt the energy leave from his thumb – made a full recovery.

What had happen this person working in the mosque, he forgot to say Bishmillah when he began cleaning the wudu place and toilets, he harm the jinn unknowingly who subsequently possessed the person.

This is why it is important to start everything we do with BishMillah and end with Alhamdulliah to protect ourselves from this happening to us.

There is also another type of Jinn Possession I shall highlight which is hereditary Jinn, which possesses a person because the parent, grandparent who were afflicted by the jinns and may have never cured themselves. These jinns who then use its networks they have created and possess the children. This is why you get illness such as mental health within families and medicinal profession call it hereditary illness.

There are other types of possession, which happens, that include matters that cause us illnesses and others things that are beyond our understanding. We should always turn to Quran, Prophet Supplication and Islamic Medicine to overcome the harm jinns cause us.

Signs & Symptoms Of Jinn Possession

The signs one is possessed are many, a person who is possessed will often know themselves something is not right as they will feel movement of mass around the body – this is the jinn moving around. The common signs of possession are as follows:

  • Scary dreams: – often dreams of animals, black cat is most common, this is a sign of black magic done to you – this is why you have all the superstition about black cats. You may dream about other animals, black crow, dog, large mammal – the dreams are scary. Number of animals you see will be the indication of number of jinns in the body.
  • Dream of falling from high places: you may have dream that you are being pushed off a high building or mountain – this is an indication some wants to cause you serious harm
  • Irrational behavior – a possessed person will act abnormally do things which are not the norm. It could be saying things which are rude and dirty, it could be the person trying to isolate oneself from everybody else, unable to focus and so on.
  • Low Mood: A person will always feel down, unable to get motivated to do anything, whether this is cooking, cleaning, having a bath, shopping – this is acting irrationally as well.
  • Paranoid – very common symptoms, often about something little or irrelevant, medically known as paranoid schizophrenia.
  • Hearing voices and see things which are not there
  • Getting angry over little things and hating certain people
  • Sleep Disturbances – unable to sleep regular patterns.
  • Suicidal thoughts – fed up of life, seeing no future
  • Having thoughts against Islam and Allah (swt)
  • Relationship – hating ones spouse or having love for someone you didn’t want to have previously
  • Headaches, pain around the body
  • Feeling heat / energy around the body

These are the signs of jinn possession and people should be aware of them.

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